Several Ways How We Can Use Granite in Homes

Several Ways How We Can Use Granite in Homes

Publish Date:Sep-30-2020

Granite is a unique stone that is naturally elegant and gives a rich, sleek feel despite being affordable. Granite usage is not only restricted to countertops but is widely used in other areas such as window sills, bartops, fireplaces, benches, floorings and fountains. Because of its durability, there is a wide usage of granite in monuments. It is resistant to lemon, vinegar, and other cleaning products if used as a kitchen countertop. Also, it is scratch-proof things like keys and coins can't scratch it off. With hundreds of colours and patterns, granite can help your home, office, kitchen, and lavatories look more beautiful and elegant.

  1. Granite Shelves

    Using granite remnants helps you to get beautiful shelves in the living, bathroom, and kitchen area. Mounting thin long pieces of granite as shelves adds sophistication and elegance to existing space. 

  2. Granite Desktops  

    Granite desktops are suitable to place computers and other electronic devices because of their heat-resistant properties. The satisfaction derived from granite is incomparable in providing a smooth surface for writing; therefore, it is widely used as a desk in offices and homes. 

  3. Granite Mosiac

    Gone are those days when granite use was only in countertops. Small pieces of granite combined and used artistically can serve you for home decor purposes

  4. Granite Flooring

    Due to granite durability, it is an ideal choice for flooring. Widely used for flooring purposes, it prevents dirt and dust from being tracked elsewhere in the house. Granite at the entryway of your home leaves a good impression on visitors. 

  5. Granite Used for Tabletop Decoration

    Granite chips used beautifully in tray, vase, and bowl can help in table decoration. Also, granite trays are used as serving trays with appetizers. 

  6. Granite Sinks

    Designed beautifully in many patterns, colours, and styles can change your bathrooms and kitchens whole appearance. Further adding a classy look to your lavatories, granite sinks are scratch and heat resistant. 

  7. Granite Fireplace

    Granite slabs can add elegance to your fireplace if your fireplace is outdated. Installation of granite at your fireplace gives an immediate facelift to the area. 

  8. Granite Garden Edges

    Edging your garden with granite remnants is a great idea. The vibrant colours will give a splendid look and bloom up your garden. 

  9. Cobblestone Walkaway

    A large amount of scrap granite used for cobblestone walkways and driveways can be costly and add a unique element to it because of its elegance. 

Whether it's tabletops, shelves, sinks, and fountains, granite is a perfect material and an affordable luxury. There are endless options to put granite into use. These were some of the ideas, limited to our thoughts. Find more about granite properties and their usage by getting in touch with us. Call us at (780) 986 8855 to learn more about granite.